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DZ1611 и DZ1612 от SoftBaugh

Демонстрационный модуль от SoftBaugh позволяет экспериментировать со стеком ZigBee на микроконтроллерах MSP430 от Texas Instruments и приемопередатчиках от Chipcon.

* 2.4 GHz Zigbee operation with Chipcon CC2420
* Hosts ZNS-Lite Zigbee software 4-node stack from Airbee Wireless.
* Implements the Texas Instruments appnote SLAA264.
* Available with MSP430F1611 (DZ1611) or MSP430F1612 (DZ1612).
* Discounted pricing for dual (DZ161xX2) or quad (DZ161xX4) bundles.
* Powered from terminal block or dual AAA supply using the TPS60210.
* RS232 interface via MAX3221.
* 4-pin I2C header.
* 50k potentiometer for analog experimentation.
* 14-pin JTAG+ programming header, with optional bootloader mode.
* All port pins available at headers.
* 4 user LEDs and 4 user switches.
* Powered prototyping areas.
* PCB antenna standard, SMA antenna available as a user-populated option.
* 32kHz crystal populated on X1.